How to Maximize Tiny Spaces


 Small interiors are becoming common in highly urbanized cities. Making a tiny interior feel big is one of the challenges Architects and interior designers regularly face. Some designers use optical illusions to make the space appear bigger while other implement innovative technology to maximize tiny spaces. 

Amazing Pop Up Paper Sculptures by Peter Dahmen

Peter Dahmen is a paper artist and a pop up designer from Germany. He has created several Stunning Paper sculptures. Some of his works are very complex geometrical sculptures which almost looks like it was 3D printed. Check out some of his works on his official Youtube channel DesignPD.


Alternative Affordable Softwares for Architects


When I started my architectural firm I wanted to purchase the best software. The office I worked at invested in software that I consider as the benchmark in our industry. After carefully deliberating the cost of these software I decided to try alternatives to these programs that didn't break the bank. After tying out several software, these are the software that I personally like.

Tiny Apartment by Kitoko Studio

Well designed tiny spaces always capture peoples attention. Designing something which has limited space require skills and imagination. The design solution of these tiny spaces are usually simple and efficient. Maximizing space is the number one priority of these projects. The scarcity of available space usually results in creating multi-purpose design elements or creating a design solution on a three dimensional level.

ACT Exterior Renovation Project (ACTER13)

Renovated Facade
A proposed design for a facade renovation of an existing old school building. The client wanted to modernize the image of the school and decided to cover the existing building with Aluminum Cladding Panels. The client wanted to retain the existing structure and didn't want to disturb the activities inside the building.

Toothpick Architecture

There are ways to express ones creativity. Most creative people don't limit their creativity to the availability of materials to create their masterpieces. Their are a few who express their art using the most common materials available and still create magnificent masterpieces.
Toothpick Art

These artist below skillfully create wonderful sculptures using toothpicks or matchsticks as their main material. The amount of materials, the effort, and patience they put in their works will boggle surely ones mind. 

Unique Home Designs: Adaptive Reuse

Some of the most creative design solutions I've seen were from existing buildings re-purposed for another use. The design constraints of the existing structure often results to innovative out of the box solutions. Whether if its a freight container, a barn or a silo these designers offer some inspiring ideas to to arrive at a design that caters their clients needs.

Back when I was still a student, I have always wanted to redesign an old warehouse into a modern home. I had a lot of sketches and concepts visualizing how these would come out. I always wondered about the possibilities of redesign those old abandoned buildings to make them useful again.

Images courtesy of SeARCH
Architect: SeARCH
Farmyard to Residential Building

Unique Office Designs

For most of us, the office is where we spend a lot of our waking time. Whatever your line of work, mounting work and approaching deadlines will cause you stress. Working in a typical  cubicle office space will not only cause you more stress, it will also hinder you to think better and reduce your creativity.

Working in a well designed office will make your office routine more enjoyable, making the employees more productive. Different architects or designers have different approaches in arriving at a design office interiors. Whether they approach it through environmentally friendly design or a very dynamic and inspiring design, there goals are all the same, which is to arrive at a more conducive environment for the users of the office and increase productivity. Below are some great designs of unique offices.

Selgas Cano Architecture Studio Designed By Selgas Cano Architecture

3D Tips: Vray Ambient Occlusion

One simple tip that can enhance your renderings is taking advantage of the ambient occlusion provided in vray. Ambient occlusion wasn't available back when I started using Vray. Ambient occlusion is basically a simplified way of using vray dirt in the scene.

The first scene is rendered without ambient occlusion. The walls are bright and joints and the corners of the ceiling isn't that well defined. There are also a lot of over blown highlights in the scene.

Twixtor Turn Normal Videos to Extreme Slow Motion

I have always been fascinated with slow motion videos. Every time I see a extreme slow motion video I have always wondered how I could make a slow motion video at a minimal cost. When I found out that the Nikon J1 cameras had a slow motion video I did a research on other cheaper cameras which has this capability.

While doing my research I bumped in to Twixtor. I saw the video below which was slowed down to 4000fps. I was amazed on how smooth the transition of each frame were especially since the original video was only 60fps.