CEDASI Office Interior Design

Cebu Denmark Animation Studio Inc. (CEDASI) is a danish outsourcing company that offers graphics, video, animation and web development services. I was commissioned to make design proposal for a office interior renovation.

Floor Plan
 The proposed interior has an area of 222 square meters. It has wood floors and several high fixed and awning windows for natural lighting. The existing interior has a large open space at the center which does not have any ceiling. There are four existing rooms a small pantry and two comfort rooms.

Production Area

The production area occupies most of the space of the open area. While the existing rooms are divided by the other department. Low partitions are added to the large open space in order to separate the receiving area from the production area. A counter tears out from the partition which serves as a table for the receptionist.
Production Area

The team lead and Gen Manager is situated at the corner of the office. Providing them a full view of the production area allowing them to monitor their activities.

Gen Manager & Team Leaders

Several fluorescent pendant lighting fixtures are hind on the exposed trusses to provide adequate lighting for the production area. Working stations are laid out back to back on rows to maximize space. A drop ceiling at the hallway connects the adjacent existing rooms.
SEO & Web Dev Department

Fixed glass partitions are used to divide one of the rooms which also allows natural light to penetrate through the room making it appear spacious.
Customer Service, Video & Animation

Indirect cove lighting are utilized on the one of the small rooms to brighten the interior space.
Admin Department


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