Green Architecture

After watching the inconvenient truth on HBO I saw how fragile our environment is right now. I made a promise to myself that I would be part of the solution and would do my part in my everyday life. National Geographic Channel showcased environmentally friendly buildings last week. It med me realize that I can do my part in saving the environment by adapting environmentally friendly designs. That episode inspired me to be incorporate green designs such as passive cooling in my projects.

Some cities are slowly embracing the idea of green architecture. The City Chicago made the choice to embrace green designs and placed a green roof on top of the city hall. It provided insulation, lessened the heat reflected by the concrete roof, and improved the aesthetics of the roof. Instead of being an eye sore it improved the view of the adjacent office spaces.

Another amazing green structure I remember from college is the Commerzbank on Frankfurt, Germany. This amazing tower was designed by Pritzker prize awardee Architect Lord Norman Foster. What makes this tower unique the nine large sky gardens located at different levels. It is designed to take advantage of natural lighting and air circulation. The sky gardens integrated in the enhances the beauty of the tower which offers spectacular views from the adjacent offices.This projectreminds me of a modern hanging garden which is both beautiful and functional.
It is obvious that environmental friendly designs is the future of architecture. The world is slowly recognizing the importance and benefits in embracing this movement. All around the world architects are incorporating green architecture into there designs. It is always a win win situation since as an architect you will be able to create innovative designs and at the same time you will be saving the environment.