House ME08 - Minimalist House

I've always wanted to design a house of my own, even when I was still a student in architecture. I always wanted to design a house which is perfect for me. Zenia on the other always told me that she already visualized her dream house. She told me that she was more into minimalist design and that she wanted some plants or garden inside her house.
One morning while I was sketching some drawing I somehow got a stroke of inspiration on a design of a house. I suddenly visualized a house with pocket gardens inside it. I started sketching out the basic design of the house and As soon as I reached the office I made a model of it. Little did I know that my design also fits Zenia's concept of her ideal house. I continued to develop the design and here are the results.


yayix said...


James said...

Thanks Yayix

Peter said...

Absolutely stunning design - truly outstanding, indeed inspirational. You have a rare talent.

James said...

Thanks peter

Tamara said...

Hi James,
I really appreciated your minimalist house! really beautiful. How can I have the project? I am not architect, I am just think in build something similar to live here in Brazil.
Please, keep in touch with me as soon as possible.
My email is
Thank you and congratulations!