Photo Mosaic

One disadvantage of having a Zenia work for a media based company is that she is very hard to please when it comes to graphic art. When I was still dating her I gave her a photo mosaic of her made up of flowers. Her response was just a simple "hmmmm ok, you can do this on photoshop".

What she didn't know is that the photo mosaic I made her could not be achieved using Photoshop. I used a special program, Phototile, in creating that photo mosaic. In order for Phototile function properly,I had to download a lot of pictures.

I downloaded several thousands of flower photos that had different colors so that the program can create a accurate match for each tile. Even though I downloaded close to five thousand photos the initial result wasn't clear, I had to tweak and adjust some setting to slightly blend the photo with the tiles.

I tried using other programs, but none of those programs were as good as Phototile. It was either their programs were too complicated or too simple. Anyway if ever you are interested creating photo mosaics, I would recommend trying Phototile.