3D Paper Models and Crafts

I visited this blog which features some pretty neat paper models. There are some paper models which looks so realistic it really doesn't look anything like paper. The blog has a wide variety of models from simple to the super intricate I bet it really took a large chunk of his time doing it. I admire the patience of these people making those paper models, It really takes a lot of dedication, patience and love for it in order to finish those models. Here is one of my favorite paper model from his blog. For more pictures and projects on 3D paper Models visit his blog at papermodeluniverse.blogspot.com


free3dart said...

You have some nice collections here dude.. A good architect..
I got some more collections too. If you find some time visit my blog http://gfx-3d-model.blogspot.com . I got some free 3D models collections here..

James said...

You have some nice models in your collections. I really like your cars. I have this fascination on 3D model cars, I have been collecting them for quiet a while now.hehehe

teslacadd said...

Good one..Will be looking forward to more of such modeling post.

lobotus said...

This is a great post!
3d architecture