The Jubilee Church designed By Arch't Richard Meier

While I was still a student in architecture I was more inclined to innovative designs which represents architecture today than traditional designs. I learned to appreciate these designs at an early stage in my studies. I was always searching for unique design solutions for different building types in architecture and during my thesis one structure which I stumbled during my research really drove me to think outside the box. It gave me a whole new perspective on the possibilities you can achieve if you won't restrict yourself with the norms in designing a structure.
The Jubilee Church designed by the world renowned Architect Richard Meier was a unique church in every aspects in its design. It veered of from the traditional way of church designs and managed to arrive at a magnificent design which was functional and which reflected on the core beliefs of the church. The beautiful use of natural lights enhances the ambiance of the interior. The absolute harmony of all the elements and concepts makes this church a masterpiece.

Below is an intricate animation done by Robert Angelis which will provide you a glimpse at this beautiful masterpiece.


Anonymous said...

Great work!I really enjoy your animation! When I was building my 1:200 scale model of Jubilee Church I often checked your movie.
You can see it on my blog: