The Ice Hotels

Whenever we speak of unique, innovative design what usually comes into mind are structures designed by famous architect such as Frank Ghery, Zaha Hadid, Thom Mayne or Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. Their cutting edge designs represents what architecture has achieved in this period. Structures like the Guggenheim museum at bilbao or the birds nest stadium are exceptional achievements of both design and engineering standards.

Technology has been rapidly advancing that a lot of daring and bold designs are popping up all around the world. That is why when I first saw the Ice hotel back in college, I was shocked to see these masterpieces made purely of snow and ice, or a mixture of both which they call snice.
Most hotels are usually built to accommodate the growing number of tourists in a place. Ice hotels on the other hand are built to attract tourists and the same time accommodate them. Even before construction begins on the ice hotel, a lot of people have already made reservations on the unbuilt hotel. Its popularity has been growing since they began building Ice hoetls way back in 1989.

The concept of building a whole hotel made up of "snice" would definitely arouse curiosity in anybodies mind. The mere thought of staying inside structure made of ice, which also include most of its furnishing and fixtures, is like experiencing something which could be found on fairy tales. I would definitely consider these hotels as masterpieces on ice, its too bad though that these structures are only temporary and seasonal.