Patrick Blanc - Vertical Gardens

Going green has inspired me a lot lately. It made me re think about my approach towards architecture. After seeing a lot of stunning eco friendly designs, I was convinced that going green is the next step in achieving a truly efficient and modern building. The designs were exceptional and it took sustainability into consideration.

Cradle to Cradle - Coates Design Architects

The houses featured in The Unbuilt Houses of 2008 of architectural records web site really made me ponder how I could apply sustainability in my design or at least make part of my designs eco friendly.

San Vicente Residence - Pugh + Scarpa
The problem first dawned on me when I tried to design a house which would display and function as an green building. I struggled in applying these concepts in my designs but I never gave up on it. I continued my research regarding eco friendly designs and while I was browsing the net I saw this building with its wall covered with plants. I researched on the designer of the wall and found the name Patrick Blanc. He is a botanist who invented this whole new concept of vertical gardens.

After surfing through some of his works it was only then that I appreciated more the value of his invention. Asides from its aesthetic value it is also functional in the sense that it helps reduce pollution in the environment. I admire his pioneering approach in incorporating plants in enhancing structures. In some cases it becomes the focal point of the building. It is eye catching and yet to my observation the functionality of these vertical gardens surpasses its beauty. The essence of having plants on a structure is highly beneficial to the users and its surrounding environment.

It helps lessens both in air and noise pollution. The plants on the wall significantly reduces heat thus creating a natural insulation for the building. This is significant especially in tropical countries. The plants cooling effect would benefit the users of the building and its adjacent structures since it would lessen the effect of the heat emitted from concrete buildings.
Using plants to cover the surface of the wall is actually not a new technology. What made his invention unique is he was able to create art in using plants as a finish on a vertical wall. I hope in some of my future projects I'll be able to apply his techniques as a centerpiece to a building. This is truly a striking example of green architecture.