House KA08 Interior

A couple of months ago I was commissioned to design an interior for an interior renovation of a house. I must admit the house was in such a bad condition my brother told me that the owner would be better off building a new house instead of salvaging that house. I would definitely agree with him if it wasn't for some of the areas of the house which I thought were still sturdy enough to retain. I saw a lot of potential of the house after we could apply some changes on the interior and exterior. I saw it as a challenge and began thinking of ways on how to restore and improve it to its former glory.

I had to find ways to adjust my designs according to the clients needs and taste. The most challenging part of this project was the total rearranging of spaces in the house. I had to change certain functions of some areas in the house in order to meet the desired results which the client wanted.

Although some restrictions from the client were not met, I some how convinced him that there were other alternative design solutions to achieve his wants. Some areas of the house were a bit too cramped and there were other areas which were too large.

Even though my clients original plan was to limit the changes on the existing walls, there was something missing in the original layout of the house. It did not have any dining area in it. The kitchen was also situated in a corner where it eats up a lot of space leaving no room for the dining area. The garage on the other hand was impractically large and comprised almost a third of the footprint of the house.

My solution was to balance the sizes of the spaces with regards to the house. Large areas such as the garage were divided to make room for the kitchen and dining area. Small bedrooms were merged to create a larger master bedroom.

The reuse of existing concrete structural walls and columns was vital to the design to maintain the structural integrity of the house. We are currently in making the construction drawings for the interior, the exterior of the house needs a lot of work. The non existence of any landscaping is due to the fact this house was used as a factory by the former owner. I still have a lot to improve on the exterior of the house and I will probably post some more photos on the future.


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The designs are excellent. These spaces are seriously amazing.

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