Landscaping with a twist

I've been working on sample renderings on landscaping projects in the past few weeks. Our online marketing at LazyAnimation has been asking me to make some sample renderings cause he has some potential clients who are asking us if we are capable of achieving landscape renderings. So I started looking for some pictures on some gardens and landscape on the net. I didn't have any idea what type of landscape I would model so I made a random search for landscape pictures.

I saw a lot of beautiful Japanese gardens which really caught my attention. Below is my attempt to produce a rendering of an existing Japanese garden. It still need a lot of improvement especially the texturing of the plants

I continued browsing for some photos on some aerial photos of parks on google and I saw this thumbnail picture of a surreal landscape. I opened the link and found a couple of interesting landscape pictures.

When I enlarged the pictures I was surprised to find out that the trees were actually broccoli. The artist made some great shots of the food that it made the broccoli look like large trees. After browsing through the photos I could finally imagine how an ant world looks like.

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