Google Sketchup Tutorials

A couple of years ago, my office mate introduced me to a 3D software developed by google. I was surprised by its versatility but was dismayed about the fact it didn't support some lighting plug ins back then.

I practiced on some of the online tutorials back then and found the program to be very user friendly. It only takes a couple of days for someone who has no background on 3d modeling to learn this program.

I never realized the true potential of the program until I saw most of my former classmates using the program in their renderings. As a matter of fact in my list of programs to learn, sketchup was at the bottom of it.

Lately I started using sketchup again. Its been a while since I last used the program and I needed to practice on it again. I'm relearning the things I've learned back then and discovering some new things along the way.

If your someone who is interested in learning 3D modeling and have no patience to go to school and study I suggest you learn this program and do some online tutorials to help you along the way. Its easy to use and a great tool to help you in your designs.

Here are a couple of links to some tutorials in sketchup:


Hels said...

In "House K Interior" (24 Sept 2008) you still had some unresolved issues to iron out. Was this project completed to your satisfaction? Will you be posting some internal and external photos?

I am particularly interested in the use of (grey) colour and of natural light inside the home.

all the best
Art and Architecture, mainly