Reliving My Love for Photography

Lately I have been trying to revive my interest in photography. I used to love photography back in high school, my dad taught me how to use his old film SLR cam back then. I used to take a lot of pictures with different subjects. When my dad bought his first digital camera, I also stopped my hobby on taking pictures with the SLR camera.

My fascination in photography halted since I didn't have any means to buy and develop my films back then. What made me enjoy photography back then was the SLR camera. There are just a lot of difference between a point and shoot and a SLR. Asides from the obvious difference in the outcome of the pictures, there is just a different feeling in handling and taking pictures using a SLR camera.

When Zenia bought her Holga camera she asked me to accompany her in a photo excursion with our office mate. While we toured around the rural areas I watched my office mates taking shots with their DSLRs. They took pictures of different subjects and scenery with their DSLR, while I took some pictures with my cell camera. After our photo excursions I uploaded my shots in my computer and noticed my shots were not as good as the ones my friends took with their DSLR.

I was frustrated with the results since I might not be going back to that place for a very long time. I then recalled that my dad still had his old SLR cameras. I borrowed it from him and tested it out and found out it was still working perfectly. Although these were old film SLR camera the quality of the shots were good. Even though I had to spend on film and developing it, this would still be much cheaper than buying a DSLR camera.

Eventually I will buy myself a DSLR camera this december. As for now I will exploit my dads SLR cameras and learn the ropes before investing in a DSLR. I still have to prove to myself that this in not just a phase and that I would find time for this hobby and continue with this it for a long time.

Here are a couple of the shots I took with my film SLR.


Merryn said...

Hi there, dropping by from myLot.. nice pics there! :)

James said...

thanks Merryn. I've visited your blog and I read that you have reached payout in mylot. Congratulations, I've just recently become active there. I added you as my friend in mylot I hope you accept it.

Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

Nice depth of field in the teddy bear necklace photo. Well done.