Penthouse Interior Design

A couple of months ago we were commissioned to design the interior of a penthouse. The first problem we encountered was the penthouse was initially started by another contractor. Even though it was only minimal we were restricted by the initial layout of the interior.

Our first approach to the design solution was to find a way to adapt our design to the existing layout. We also wanted to achieve a design that would stand out from the rest of the building since the penthouse was to be used for private or special activities.

Although we were given an area to design on, the initial stage of developing the design was a bit hard cause we had no idea what spaces the client wanted in his penthouse besides the bar.

We had to figure out what the client desired for the rest of the area. The design process took quite some time and had some changes in some of the areas but we eventually finalized the design.

We are now currently working on the construction drawings of the bar. I will post some actual pictures ones the project is completed.

Gym Proposal

Lobby Proposal


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