Amazing Origami Sculptures

A couple of months ago I started learning the art of origami. I was always curious how a blank piece of paper could turn into a three dimensional art work. When I started learning origami I realized that making a simple basic flower required concentration and the ability to stay focused and follow instructions. It took me a few tries before I could come up with my first origami.

After trying the more complicated origami I eventually gave up since I couldn't accomplish the same result as the one I am trying to replicate. Even though I already have a background about model making back in college I found it harder to complete an origami sculpture due to the material that is used in origami.

The only origami that I was able to complete were the simple flowers and roses. I was amazed at some of the complicated flowers which already looked realistic, then I wondered what other kinds of sculptures can origami achieve. I started browsing the net for other types of origami other than the common flowers and swans and found out that there were a lot more sophisticated sculptures out there. Below are some of the works I found on the net.