Slim Homes

Every time I am faced with a design problem I always see an opportunity to explore new solutions to the problem. Since land prices are getting higher, I have been exploring possibilities in designing a house on a slim piece of land. Building a house on a thin piece of land would also lower the cost of the construction of the house making it appealing to buyers who are looking for affordable homes.

Although construction cost is a top priority in this design challenge, I also have to make sure that comfort of the house isn't sacrificed. Design is another aspect to consider and having the constraints of building on a slim lot will definitely make things more difficult. So in order to draw inspiration on this challenge, I did a research on modern slim houses on the net and found a couple of unique and practical slim houses.

Slim House In Tokyo by Mizuishi Architect

Slim House in Toronto by Drew Mandel

Slim House in San Francisco By Architect Craig Steely 

Slim House in Seatle

Slim House in Toronto By Donald Chong