Old Structures Converted into Exceptional Homes

I have always enjoyed designing. Ever since I was in college I always preferred creating designs from scratch and exploring different possibilities in design. Back when I was a student restrictions from cost and other real limitations were nil.

We were always given the freedom to express our creativity and we were always given a blank canvass for us to explore new designs. After I became an architect reality slowly crept in. Limitations and cost were ever present in almost all projects. I had to make adjustment to reality in order to accomplish my projects.

Barn to House adaptive reuse Designed by: Bjarne Mastenbroek (SeARCH)

Some of my first projects were renovations and reuse. At first I thought that I would be limited by the existing structures already present in those projects. I changed my mind set and treated those projects as a challenge. Designing a structure from scratch is already hard but designing it with an existing structure is even harder. I usually begin my designing process with a bunch of research. I draw inspiration from these successful projects and learn from their solutions to their design problems.

After these experiences I've grown to love the beauty in adaptive reuse. Although some architects prefer to preserve mostly everything in the structure there are some Architects who transform old unused structures into livable unique homes. I've learned to admire the beauty of adaptive reuse in architecture. This has really got me thinking of purchasing an abandoned warehouse and transform it to a home for myself. Below are some of the adaptive reuse works that I admire.

Billboard to House adaptive reuse Designed by: Front Architects

Billboard to House adaptive reuse Designed by: Front Architects

Container to House adaptive reuse Designed by: Poteet Architects