Modern Compact Homes

Decent shelter is a major problem here in the Philippines. Due to poverty a lot of families here have little access to a decent home. Every time I see the dire situation of other people in society I have always wondered if there was a way to provide a decent shelter at minimal cost.

In order to achieve the minimum cost one has to design a house which has all the basic facilities in a house whilst maximizing every inch of space of the house. I browsed around the net and found a lot of designs which that provided me with a lot of inspiration. Even though most of these designs were designed by architects living in first world countries, their design solutions are perfect for the problem of shelter here in my country.Mobile homes or trailers are also good inspiration for maximizing space, since these mobile homes are limited to the size of the roads.

Below are some of the projects I draw inspiration in my search for a design solution for an affordable minimal descent home. Even though most of these examples are expensive the design solution on these projects are what really inspires me.

Carre D'etoiles Compact Home

L41 Home  Designed by Michael Katz


4 bedroom house plans said...

Just like the old traditional designs, they still have the impact.

James said...

It always amazes me whenever I find a well designed home despite the restrictions presented to the architect. Thanks for dropping by 4 bedroom house plans. Dropped by your site and found some great houses.

Serge Young said...

Architects and designers often produce their best work when they have many constraints. These little house are examples that illustrate this point. Nice site with good info. Thanks.

Thomas Venney said...


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