Pleasing Visit to the Dentist.

Yesterday I had to visit to the dental clinic to have my teeth cleaned. Its the time of the year that I usually just want to get over it. The thought of the sound of the drill still lingers in my mind. Although it wasn't all that bad, my experience wasn't pleasing due to the cramp space of the dental clinic. All I could focus on was the blank ceiling and the sound of the drill grinding on my teeth.

After that long thirty minutes I decided to look for other dental clinics which offered a better experience. While searching for other dental clinics I stumbled upon numerous dental clinics that were both unique and interesting. The only problem was all these clinics were no where near where I live.

Oh well I guess I'll just have to deal with it and imagine the dental clinics that I go to looks like this. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Designed by Estudio Arquitectura Hago

Designed by: Hiroki Tanabe

Designed By: Contemporary Architecture Practice


Benita Abril said...

The dentist’s office itself really contributes to the experience of every patient. Spacious and bright rooms could definitely ease the tension away. I’m sure if the environment in your dentist’s clinic was something close to that, you wouldn’t have focused on the drill sounds, and it would have made you more relaxed. Good luck on your search for a better dentist office setting! :D

Benita Abril

Zab Clement said...

I enjoy viewing the photos. Very refreshing and relaxing. I remember my dentist in makati while browsing your photos! Thanks for sharing!

James Andrew said...

I also been hoping that the Makati dental clinic that I visit will look like this!

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James Brown said...

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