Glass House

Every culture has their limits when it comes to the privacy of their home. In some places people don't rely on fence to secure their home and privacy from prying eyes. In other areas people put up tall concrete walls which are sometime even taller than the house. A lot of circumstances are considered which determines how open people are with their homes.

In my country most people usually put up fences around their houses to prevent others from entering the premises of their home. It also serves as a way for them to prevent others from seeing what happens inside the premises. Since the majority of the homes here have small lots, almost all homes maximize the lot for their home which in turn lessens the easement between the house and the road.

Designed By Architect Philip Johnson

I always wanted to live in a house which has a lot of glass. I've made a lot of conceptual designs but most of these designs are too expensive and are inapplicable here in the Philippines. Asides from security, you'll need to have a large lot in order to keep your privacy from your neighbors.

I've compiled a few glass house designs which caught my interest. Although I wouldn't want to live in some of these houses, the designs still captured my interest since they are daring, unique and innovative.

Designed By Architect Philip Johnson
Designed by Razvan Barsan
Designed by Robles Arquitectos
Designed by Architect Sou Fujimoto 
Designed by Architect Carlo Santambrogio and Architect Ennio Arosio