Amazing Living Paintings


Most painters try to project what they see into their canvass. They create art by painting an interpretation of what they see. Their are some who create realistic paintings and others who create abstract ones. Each artist has their own preference in how they want to express their art. One artist I stumbled in the web does the opposite of what most painters usualy do.


Alexa Meade creates art by transforming real people into living paintings. When I first encointered one of her art work, I didn,t believe the description of the photo. It was only when i took a closer look at the photos that i realized that the eyes and hair were real.

Transfixed 2

The photos she creates out of these living paintings are as stunning as the ones we see in art galleries. The photos can almost pass as paintings on canvass. What is really astounding is that if people just look at the photos and neglect the description they wouldn't notice anything unusual  about it, most of the viewers who are oblivious of the facts will admire her works as paintings.

Blueprint 1

Alexa Meade is truly a one of a kind artist. A modern artist who is both creative and innovative in how she expresses her art. Visit her official website at for more outstanding living works of art.