Unique Interiors - Bathrooms

Bathrooms designs with pocket gardens and skylights have always fascinated me. The merging of interior and exterior spaces gives an open, relaxing and bright ambiance from these spaces.

Even though people spend less time in these rooms, the design of these spaces are just as important as any other space in the house. We usually use these space at the start of the day and our mood during these hours will affect how the rest of the day will turn out. 

The natural light entering the interior space brings a refreshing and soothing feeling that  provides the users a fresh start for their daily routine. I also like how the designers incorporated plants into their design. The pocket gardens enhances the bathroom, bringing more life into the space. 

Image Source: http://archdeco.net/

I also like the daring use of huge glass windows in these areas. Although it is a total contradiction to the concept of privacy in bathrooms, it makes the bathroom look big, expanding it to the outdoor space provided by the huge windows.

Image Source: http://archdeco.net/

The use of skylights in these bathrooms floods the interiors with light, brightening it up with natural light.

Although some of these designs may not be applicable in most of the projects you may encounter. I've made these compilation to show how pocket gardens, skylights and large windows enhances a simple space such as the bathroom.


Kemberly Loyd said...

I love how those skylights spice those bathrooms up! They certainly look elegant and chic. And with the addition of the skylight, the whole place really brightens up! I bet it would look even more gorgeous at night. I particularly liked the skylight constructed on the second picture. It really gave a lot of white light into the space. Not only are skylights energy-savers, they're also great architectural additions to any house.

Kemberly Loyd

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