Unique Shop Designs

Shop designs are essential to attract the right customers. Having an eye catching interesting design for a store can draw the attention of curious people who may eventually be potential customers. A good shop design attracts attentions and highlights the products it sells.

I like the innovative use of paper tubes which resembles stalactites in a cave.
image source http://www.decodir.com

Designed by: Kirk Originals & Campaigns

I've explored some remarkable shops with unique designs which will probably make people passing by these stores take a second look. Some of these shops use normal materials in an innovative way and some are just out of the box designs.

Interesting movable shelves which can be hidden in the ceiling 
opening a huge space in the interior 
Designed by: Mathieu Lehanneur
Another interesting use for paper tubes integrated in the interior design
Designed by: Francesca Signori

Eye catching needle product display

Black ladder display rack is a great contrast to the pure white background
Designed by: Guise
image source http://theluxhome.com

Designed by: RDAI

Designed by Chikaro Ohno

Designed by Chikaro Ohno

Designed by: Sako Architects

Designed by: Richard Chai
image source http://zeospot.com

Inspiring integrated vertical garden in interior design
Designed by Michael Hellgren


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