Unique Home Designs: Adaptive Reuse

Some of the most creative design solutions I've seen were from existing buildings re-purposed for another use. The design constraints of the existing structure often results to innovative out of the box solutions. Whether if its a freight container, a barn or a silo these designers offer some inspiring ideas to to arrive at a design that caters their clients needs.

Back when I was still a student, I have always wanted to redesign an old warehouse into a modern home. I had a lot of sketches and concepts visualizing how these would come out. I always wondered about the possibilities of redesign those old abandoned buildings to make them useful again.

Images courtesy of SeARCH
Architect: SeARCH
Farmyard to Residential Building

Images courtesy of Front Architects
Architect: Front Architects
Billboard to Single House

Images courtesy of Faleide Architects
Architect: Faleide Architects
School Building to Residential Building

Images courtesy of Justin Alexander
Architect: Richard Peters Associates
Industrial Building to Single Bedroom House

Images source ny.curbed.com
Architect: Messana O'Rorke
Water Tank to Residential Building

Images source Dwight Eschliman
Architect: Bldgs
Autoparts Store to Residence and Office


Yasmien Blik said...

This article remind me some friends of mine whose also love to redesign an old warehouse to modern.And I really love also his collections.. I do have plan to redesign the warehouse of my grandmother..And thanks for Unique Home Designs:Adaptive Reuse for all the help because it made my decision final..It's really worth the wait.And also even it's not about redesigning in this article http://www.exploretalent.com/articles/want-new-home-check-worlds-unusually-designed-houses/ I really love the uniqueness and the cuteness of their designs.

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