How to Maximize Tiny Spaces

 Small interiors are becoming common in highly urbanized cities. This is especially true here in the Philippines where majority of the population cannot afford to purchase large houses or condo units. Making a tiny interior feel big is one of the challenges Architects and interior designers regularly face. Some designers use paint techniques to create an optical illusion of making the space appear bigger and some implement innovative designs to maximize the tiny space. Tiny spaces don't need to feel crammed.

Despite the size limitations of tiny interiors, there are several ways to maximize the space. One method to maximize space is by utilizing multi functional furniture or fixtures. You free alot of space by combining furniture that occupies the same space . A murphy bed that turns into a sofa or bunk bed that turns into a desk, occupies the same space while serving two functions.

Another issue with tiny spaces is storage. In order to solve your storage problem you need to change how you look at space. Instead of focusing on the area of a room imagine what you could do with the volume of the room. Rooms with high ceiling can create a mezzanine for beds. You can elevate the floor and create additional storage under the floor space. Overhead shelves and cabinets increase storage without decreasing floor areas.

The Air Extending Table by Barry Design
Using stack-able furniture reduces the footprint of a furniture whenever the furniture is unused. There are also furniture that expand and collapse depending on its function. Sofas that have storage are an efficient way to increase storage without decreasing space.
An extendable dining table solves seating capacity without permanently eating up space. The Dining table shrinks whatever size is needed.
Trojan Console Table by Expand Furniture

These design solutions are just some of the ways to maximize space. Some of the issues designers in the Philippines encountered are the lack of suppliers that offer these type of furniture. These furniture have special mechanisms that ensure safety for the users. Fortunately there are several suppliers that offer these products here in the Philippines. The local suppliers I found are 5 Corners Home and ErgoHome. If you know any other local suppliers that offer these kind of products, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments sections.


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